Looking to plan your next travel adventure? We can help with that. We build itineraries for the adventure traveler, not the tourist.

Trekking in Patagonia. A road-trip around Iceland. A motorbike trip through Vietnam. We focus on building flexible itineraries that allow you to explore a destination- not just visit one.  We love slow travel centered around backpacking excursions, beach bumming, cultural immersion, photography, and food comas. The Modern Magellan is here to help you plan out your next big trip for individuals and small groups. In your free consultation you will tell us where you want to go and when, or we will determine where your next adventure will be based on these key drivers:

  • When you want to go (a date range)
  • What your budget is (a budget range)
  • An activity or two you must do on the trip
    • for example: a secluded beach, a trek in the mountains, a road trip, a snowy adventure, a food coma
Travel Services:
  • Build fully custom travel itineraries
  • Book flights and accomodation
  • Trip consultation
  • 24/7 support while traveling
  • Packing lists
  • Vaccinations/ Travel Insurance help
  • and plenty more!
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