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  1. Random but I found your page from Instagram! As I was scrolling through your feed I was amazed by all the places you went to in such a short period of time. Most of the places you’ve been to, I have only dreamt of going. How do you and your girlfriend manage to get so much traveling done? Just out of curiosity! I’m a nurse, I work long shifts and get long periods of time off but my partner does not. He’s hindered by his vacation days so it limits the places we go and for how long. Anyways, keep traveling and exploring, you’re awesome!

    1. Hey Melissa! That’s awesome that your checking out my stuff– I really appreciate that. As for my travels, I do not take them for granted. It takes a lot of work, planning and risk-taking to go on these adventures. We (my fiance and I) were lucky on a couple big trips that our employer let us take a large number of vacation days. I have also quit a handful of jobs in order to travel. For the most part, we just time them right. We save our money for the experiences we want, and wait for the perfect opportunity to buy that plane ticket. The main thing is that we put traveling and exploring new places very high on our list of priorities. Thanks for the kind words, and if you ever have any questions or would like help planning a trip, shoot me an email to

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