Before I head to Spain and Morocco, I’m headed up to Bellingham, WA for the holidays. My girlfriend is from Bellingham, and I love visiting the PNW. From there, we are jetting down to Sarasota, FL to hang out beachside through the new year with my family. It is from Florida on January 5th that I depart for Barcelona. So since I am leaving tomorrow, I am already packed up for my upcoming adventure in Spain and Morocco.

Just a reminder, I’m a minimalist packer. My goal is to bring less stuff on my trips so I can spend more interacting with a new land and less time keeping track of my shit. My total trip time for Spain and Morocco will be 19 days. The weather in Spain looks to be in the 60’s and 50’s (ºF). While it will get colder at night in Morocco, during the day the temperature should be around 70ºF. With that in mind, I have packed accordingly and efficiently to fit in a 40L backpack (I am also bringing a very light and small day pack). So here’s what I’m bringing:

The full spread
Clothing items: underwear/Socks, a couple pairs of shorts and pants, quick dry t-shirts, a couple longer sleeve shirts, and a rain jacket
Accessories: plug converter kit, passport, dopp kitt, quick dry towel, moleskin, waterproof phone case, watch, phone charger, headphones, sunglasses
On my feet: tennis shoes and Chacos
Fitting in nice and snug
Zipped up to perfection

And that’s how it’s done. I’m ready for a month of nonstop adventure. The best part is, when I return I will be gearing up for Patagonia!

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