Resfeber is starting to settle in. In three weeks I will be departing for a 2.5 week adventure through Spain and Morocco. I haven’t been to either country before, so naturally I have visions and expectations of what my trip may be like. So here are 6 things I am particularly looking forward to:

Seeing the Sagrada Família, and the architecture in Barcelona

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The first stop on my trip will be Barcelona. One thing this city is known for is its architecture, which is described as Catalan Modernism. Made most famous by Antoni Gaudí, this style of architecture features highly unique shapes and designs. And the most famous example of this style is the Sagrada Família. This massive church began construction in 1882, and has yet to be completed. I recently read that the church is expected to be completed in 2026, which is the 100 year anniversary of Gaudí’s death.

Eating Tapas in Madrid

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I love food. And I am really craving authentic Spanish cuisine. Madrid is known for having an excellent selection of Tapas bars where I can sample small plates of cured ham, cheeses, and a variety of seafood. I have discovered that at some bars if you order a beer or glass of wine, a tapa can be enjoyed for free. Check and mate.

Exploring the Alhambra in Granada

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Granada is located at the foot of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in southern Spain. The most famous attraction in this city is the Alhambra. Built in 889, the Alhambra was originally constructed as a fortress and turned into a royal palace in the 14th century. Having been held by both Muslim and Moorish rule, the Alhambra maintains a significant historical significance in both cultures and is a UNESCO world heritage site.

Walking through the streets of Chefchaouen


We cross into Morocco through the port city of Tangier. Just south of Tangier in the Rif Mountains, sits Chefchaouen. What makes this small city so unique is that all of its buildings are painted in a bright shade of blue. Blue buildings with mountains in the backdrop sounds quite epic.

Seeing the western Sahara in Merzouga

image: Merzouga

From Fes, our hope is to make our way to Merzouga. Merzouga is a small town that lies on the western edge of the Sahara desert, which is the largest hot desert in the world. This town is said to have breathtakingly beautiful sand dunes to explore. And thats exactly what I’m gonna do.

The Djemma el Fna in Marrakech

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The Djemma el Fna is a large market place in the middle of the old city of Marrakech. Here is where I will be dining on traditional Moroccan dishes while being entertained by snake charmers. Anywhere I have ever traveled, I always seek out a market or night market. That is where you get the best dose of a city’s culture. The Djemma el Fna is exactly where I want to be while in Marrakech.




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