We are closing in on the next Modern Magellan adventure. In just about a month, I will be jetsetting to Barcelona, Spain to meet up with my buddy Phil. From Barcelona we will be backpacking south through the country, then crossing over into Morocco about half-way through the trip. We will continue through Morocco, finishing in Marrakech.  Here is a map of our route:

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 4.32.05 PM
Courtesy of Google Maps

Our plan is to take the train from Barcelona to the Spanish capital of Madrid, and then another train from Madrid to Seville. We may possibly stop in Cordoba along the way. Then we will primarily use busses to navigate to Granada (home of the Alhambra), then the Gibraltar region. We want to enter Morocco through the port city of Tangier. From here we hope to navigate to the blue city of Chefchaouen, then Fes. After Fes, our aim is to take a long bus to the Western Sahara town of Merzouga, and stay in the desert. Our final stop will be in and around Marrakech.

In total, we have 18 full travel days once we arrive in Barcelona on January 6th. While doing some research, I have noticed that moving from place to place in Morocco tends to be a bit of a process, and some long bus rides are in store. But I feel like we should be able to experience quite a bit of both Spain and Morocco. My next couple trip updates will be some things I am considering/thinking about/excited for in this region of the world, as well as a packing list.

I am super pumped. Explore on.


Cover Photo source: Merzouga


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