Now I don’t know if anything can top an Icelandic road trip, but I don’t travel to one up my other travels. Each adventure is just that, an adventure. A new country, a new culture, and new land. And so in a little over a month, I will be flying out to Barcelona, Spain where I will meet up with my best friend Phil. Our goal is to navigate south through Spain, cross the Straight of Gibraltar, and make our way through Morocco, finishing in Marrakesh.

Phil and I go way back, since we were babies actually. This isn’t our first time traveling together either. I went to Israel with him after freshman year of college. And after we graduated, we spent a couple months backpacking through southeast Asia. He’s an ideal travel companion: outgoing, curious, unwavering, and adventurous.

The plan for this trip is no different from any other trip, and that is to have a very loose plan. This gives you the opportunity to make sure whatever happens can happen. We know we are flying into Barcelona, crossing into Morocco half way through, and flying out of Marrakesh. Here is a list some stops we might make along the journey:

Madrid, Spain

Seville, Spain

Cordoba, Spain

Granada, Spain

Tangier, Morocco

Fes, Morocco

Merzouga, Morocco

Essaouira, Morocco

A couple things to note about our trip. We are going during the off-season, so we are hoping for a heavy dose of culture and lower prices on lodging. The weather shouldn’t be too shabby, 50’s during the day and 40’s at night. It might get colder in the desert or up in the mountainous areas. And because we are backpacking, the process of getting from place-to-place will be slower. There will be lots of walking, bus rides, and train rides.

I am extremely excited to explore two more new countries, and a new continent in Africa. I’m even more excited to be backpacking once again with my buddy Phil. Keep following the blog for more updates on this trip, like a rough itinerary, a map of the journey, and a packing list. Lastly, I would really appreciate any and all suggestions for what we should be seeing and doing in this region of the world.

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