I used to hate flying. Well I still kind of hate flying. I mainly hate the process of flying: the lines, going through security, stuffy smelling airplanes, turbulence. I also used to get motion sick every time I flew (or on a boat ride, or on a long road trip).

But now I enjoy it, mainly because it transports me to far-away destinations so quickly (and my motion sickness has subsided). You could say, I appreciate the marvel of flight now. And one thing I always make sure to do on every flight is to get the window seat. Now one reason for this is that I can use the wall of the plane to sleep against, instead of drooling on some stranger’s shoulder. The other reason is that I get to stare out at the landscape, the clouds and the sky, for miles.

The flight is part of the journey, and the journey is part of the adventure. Seeing earth from 10,000 ft, 20,0000 ft, or 30,000 ft can be simply mind blowing. Seeing the contour lines of different topographies is incredible, and it really gives you the scope of how big mountains are and how vast oceans can be.

While flying back to Denver from Iceland, I flew over the western part of Greenland. Let me tell you, I did not expect one of the highlights of my trip to be outside the plane window. So much ice. Such huge mountains. The color of the sky. I was in total awe:


If I didn’t get the window seat on this flight, then I wouldn’t have gotten to see Greenland. And who knows, I might never see Greenland again. So let it be known: always get the window seat. This tip can even be applied to a long boat cruise or train ride. The sights I saw on my train ride from New Delhi to Agra were unforgettable. The limestone cliffs I passed on my boat rides through Railay beach and Ha Long Bay were jaw-dropping.

Be an observant traveler and see the land or water you are crossing en route to your destination. At the end of the day, you will become more in touch with the world, and more familiar with the layout of planet earth.

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  1. I also hate flying, for all those exact reasons! Thanks for the recommendations, I would also like to add the flight from Paris to Croatia is also a scenic route – you get to see the Swiss Alps (i think it’s Swiss?!)

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