There are scenarios in our everyday lives that give us feelings of monotony, boredom, frustration, and a lack of something…exotic.  And sometimes you find yourself daydreaming, about that time you climbed the ruins of Machu Picchu or wandered through the cobblestone streets of Amsterdam. Travel is exciting.  It can reward you with delicious foods to eat and breathtaking landscapes to explore.  It can show you something so familiar, and make it seem extraordinary.  Here are some signs you need to get off your butt and onto the next flight anywhere:

You’re sitting in an office cubicle without windows…

I’m sorry for you and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.  Even a small window could give you a glimpse of the shining sun or the swaying of trees in the wind– something to remind you that there is a world out there.  Instead of staring at that spreadsheet, how about you find a weekend getaway to a national park or sweet camping spot.  Imagine yourself hiking through a majestic forest or standing atop a mountainous vista, where the window is big and views limitless.

Go on a hike and take in the nature around you.

You’re sitting on your couch, watching an awful reality TV show…

And not only that, but that crappy show is always interrupted by annoying, headache inducing commercials.  You are just staring like a zombie and your once creative mind is melting.  Why don’t you give yourself something amazing to stare at, like the milky way or the northern lights.  Imagine yourself so far away from your couch, so far from reality, where the night sky is able to provide you with all the entertainment you could wish for. The galaxy and the aurora can be your reality show, while shooting stars and deep thoughts of your place in the universe can be your only interruptions.

image source:
See the northern lights over Kirkjufell Mountain in Iceland image source:

You’re stuck in traffic on your commute to work everyday…

I will say there is nothing worse than bumper-to-bumper traffic.  Where a 5 minute commute turns into 30.  Where a 30 minute commute turns into an hour.  It’s infuriating and rage inducing.  You are just sitting there and doing nothing, wasting your life away in your car.  You know where there are no traffic jams and wasting your life away is acceptable? The beach.  Let’s imagine a tropical paradise where car horns are drowned out by sweeping tides and the rustling of palm fronds.  Your mind can be clear and stress free.  And your commute is only a few steps away, to the cool ocean waves.

Doing this can help you forget the commute.

You’re eating the same boring food…

We’ve all been there.  Eating that same shitty turkey sandwich everyday at work.  Or maybe you are eating at a restaurant and paying too much for food that didn’t even impress your taste buds.  You want something new. Something spicy.  Something exotic to excite your tastebuds.  Imagine yourself walking through the bustling street stalls in SE Asia where woks are firing on all cylinders and the fruits are so vibrant that your eyeballs begin to drool.  That turkey sandwich just isn’t going to cut it anymore.

Khao Soi in Chiang Mai. Flavor explosion in a bowl.

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