When you are traveling to another country, the last thing you want to see is a mob of tourists just like you.  One thing you should avoid is eating at places full of tourists.  There is a reason why it is full of tourists, as they have all read the same guidebook telling them to eat there.  

Wandering around Krabi, Thailand, I stumbled upon a fantastic food stall and grabbed a table. Amazing grilled pork, clay hot pots, and pork larb (pictured).

Ask the locals where the best place to eat is.  Wander around, get lost, and be adventurous.  You didn’t travel all the way to Thailand to eat pizza.  If you see locals at a particular cafe or food stall, then don’t look any further— grab a seat immediately.    There is a reason why they are there.

I couldn’t tell you what this is. But in Chinatown in Bangkok I saw locals lined up to eat it. And it was awesome.

This advice has never let me down on my travels.  When I eat where the locals eat, and eat what the locals eat, then I become more involved in their culture.  Additionally, this has also allowed me to make more friends with locals.  Food transcends any language or cultural differences.  Grab a table with locals, share a beer, some laughs, and have a better travel experience.  

Mix it up with locals and make new friends, like I did in Vietnam.

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