For those of you looking to explore on a budget, these six places may break the bank.  However, there is always a way to make traveling more affordable no matter where you go.  Here are six expensive cities to travel to, and some ways to save money when there.  


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Switzerland is an expensive country and Zurich is the priciest city to visit.  Expect to spend over $100/day as a budget traveler.  Some ways to save money here are: couchsurfing, cooking, and renting a bicycle.  


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Tokyo may be one of the most vibrant, modern cities in the world.  And with that distinction comes a price.  For a mid-range traveler, expect to spend around $100/ day.  For the budget traveler, you can make it happen on $50/day.  To do this you need to eat lots of street food like ramen, and stay in cheap accommodations like a capsule hotel.



Having been to Singapore, I can see how somebody could very easily spend $100/day.  There is a booming consumer culture here.  However, I traveled on a budget and spent around $60 (I’m pretty sure I could have gone lower).  Save money by eating at the food courts and using the amazing public transportation.  


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Oh Copenhagen.  How I love and hate you. Copenhagen is a beautiful city filled with stunning architecture, clean streets, and wonderful culture.  A burger and a beer here (at an average place) set me back almost $30.  After that shock, I stuck to hotdog stands (which were fantastic) and snacks from a convenient store.  Budget around $80/day here.

Hong Kong

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While you can get by on $25/day in some places in China, Hong Kong is an exception.  This booming metropolis is home to one of the most badass skylines in the world.  Much like Singapore and Tokyo, these modern cities come with a price.  Look to spend about $60/day on a budget here and try not to spend all of it on dim sum.  

New York City

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source: matador network

The Big Apple is big on your wallet.  While the city has very few rivals in terms of diversity, it also has very few rivals on the price of accommodation.  If you can, try and stay with a friend.  Take the subway, and walk as much as you can.  Budget around $80/day for New York.  


  1. Having been to both Singapore and Hong Kong I must say they are surprisingly expensive! I think that in Hong Kong eating out is particularly expensive as it’s such a financial city! I did however find that a lot of the public transport was relatively cheap, which somehow balanced it out!

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