Any trip can be an epic adventure.  And one of the ways that can happen is to build more flexibility into your itinerary.  I make it a point when I plan my trips to leave some wiggle room so that whatever happens can happen.  It’s fun to be able to decide things to see and do the day of, instead of sticking to a strict schedule.  

Build some time in to just relax.

Having a looser itinerary will help you immensely when backpacking.  When I backpack I want the feeling of wandering, and being able to take my time getting from place to place.  When you have a strict schedule to follow, your adventure doesn’t feel as organic.  Plus, when you are in more remote places on earth, the transportation getting from location to location is not always reliable.  If you have ever been to Thailand, the busses, mini-busses, trains, and boats all run on “Thai time” and can throw a wrench into your tight schedule.

Or build some time in to get weird on Khao San Road.

In a previous post, I shared my itinerary for my upcoming Road Trip in Iceland.  I mentioned that my itinerary was like an outline for an essay.  I like to build all of my itineraries like this.  You can hammer down some top destinations and a general timetable,  giving yourself a solid structure and starting point for your adventure.  From there, you leave some open spaces to let whatever happen.  Just don’t miss your return flight home…or do, if you’re having too much fun.

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