When I was backpacking in Laos, I went on a memorable kayaking trip.  The trip took us through remote and wild jungle, where small villages dotted the river banks.  At the conclusion of the day, we stopped at one of these villages to meet the future wife of our kayaking guide.  We drank Lao Lao (rice whiskey moonshine) and shared some good laughs.  Before I knew it, I was standing on a dirt volleyball court with a handful of villagers.  Except this wasn’t volleyball, it was Sepak Takraw.  The net was slightly lower and the ball was small and made of bamboo.  The rules: same as volleyball except no hands.  It was soccer volleyball essentially.  The locals were amazingly talented. Instead of spiking the ball as in volleyball, they would bicycle kick slam it over the net.  Maybe it was the Lao Lao, but I got really into it and held my own.  This was an amazing end to an amazing day in Laos.




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