I recently made my way up to Glacier National Park in Northwestern Montana and it was just stunning.  Jagged peaks dotted with snow and smothered in bright green pines.  The lakes were crystal clear and gleamed a color blue that would remind you of tropical waters.  I’m not kidding:

Dickey Lake
Bowman Lake

Within the park, you can hike a number of gorgeous and challenging trails.  We trekked the Highline Trail one day which starts at Logan Pass.  Here’s a taste:

Our mountain goat sherpa.
Views from the Highline Trail

We reached this trek by driving up the Going to the Sun Road.  This is a narrow, winding road thats hugs the cliffs as it takes you up high into the mountains.  The views from this road (title picture) will inspire you.  It may be the most beautiful (and scary) drive I have ever done.  Head to Glacier National Park the next chance you get, and experience the magic for yourself.


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