Let’s say you’ve recently returned from a great adventure exploring Machu Picchu in Peru and now you’re all depressed because the fun is over.  It’s back to the grind.  No ancient ruins to explore at work (unless you happen to be an archeologist).  I am here to tell you to have your next trip in the pipes– I always do.

Traveling is exciting, and the experiences you have when traveling are priceless.  So plan that next trip as soon as you get back.  It will help you get through the day-to-day grind.  TPS reports? Who cares, I’m going to Bali in a month.  Set a date, budget your money, and commit to it.  Having the next trip in the pipes is how you become an explorer, a modern magellan.

Look up flights everyday online (Kayak, perhaps).  Spin a globe around and close your eyes and press your finger on a random spot (Oh, China!).  Plan that trip to Mexico (mmm, Tacos).  Book that ticket to Italy (mmm, wine).  And research where you should backpack in Vietnam (floating markets!?!?).  Get excited and start building your itinerary.  Before you know it, the next adventure begins.

Explore on.

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