Earlier this year I explored the global city-state of Singapore as a side trip while adventuring in Thailand for a couple weeks.  Since Singapore is so tiny, I knew this would be an ideal one-day getaway from the land of smiles.  But don’t let Singapore’s size fool you— there is a ton to see, do, and eat. 

Culturally, Singapore is unlike anything I’ve witnessed in Asia.  It is a confluence of cultures— Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, Malaysian, and Middle-Eastern.  It is one of the world’s most powerful economic centres and physically, it is one of the most gorgeous and stunning cities in the world.  

So here are some things I did (and ate) with one day in Singapore:

We started in Chinatown

Stalls just getting set up. We got an early start.

Had breakfast at the Maxwell Food Centre

The hawker stalls
I had chicken for breakfast. Deal with it.

We then headed to Arab Street where we were transported to the Middle-East.  There were Turkish restaurants, shops selling Persian carpets and beautiful multi-colored scarves (my girlfriend purchased quite a few).  Just as quickly, we emerged in Little India.  To be honest, I thought I was in India.  The people, smells, shops took me back to New Delhi or Mumbai.  We had lunch here:

Chicken curry, biryani, naan bread. Served on a banana leaf.
Walking from place to place in Singapore was beautiful.

After lunch,  I headed to the shopping district that would rival Rodeo Drive.  Gucci after Prada after Louis Vuitton.  We didn’t buy anything, but it was interesting to see the consumer culture in Singapore.  The remainder of the day was spent walking around the Marina Bay Sands where the architecture was stunning and the skyline was in full view:

Bridge was like a double helix.
Quite the metropolis.
A panoramic shot of the city.

Exhausted, we headed back to our hotel in the red-light district (Geylang) and ate some more food:

singapore food
Not messing around.
Happy, full of dumplings, slightly drunk, and very tired.

So there ya go. Singapore in one day. When you are in one part of the world, see if you can create a memorable side trip.  Explore on folks!

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